Upcoming Workshops

Spiritual Wholeness & The Somatic Body

Next Workshop: August 26th

This unique daylong will combine mindfulness practices, reflective teachings and understanding the emotional & somatic body.

Discover the importance of integrating mindfulness with the somatic body so that we may inhabit the wholeness of our spiritual-self and life. In this daylong, demos will be offered to understand how to work with and move through unresolved anxieties that often keep us feeling distant and disconnected from our bodies.

Together we'll take a look at how we can bring our intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual-self into alignment.

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LGBTQ Half Day Retreats

LGBTQ Half-Day Retreat

Next Retreat: September 16th

This retreat occurs 3 times per year

We will explore the teachings of the Buddha in meditation practice and how to integrate mindfulness into our daily lives. We bring a queer perspective on Buddhist practice, viewing the Buddha’s teaching through our LGBTQ experiences to see how this can lead to greater freedom.

This half-day is for those in the LGBTQ who are new to mindfulness and meditation, as well as those who have a meditation practice.  The half-day retreat includes silent meditation, walking practice and short dharma talks. 

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Mindfulness & Recovery: Working with Meditation, Recovery, & Addiction

Fridays evenings beginning September 8th through November 24th  7:00pm - 8:30pm

You may attend all the evenings or attend as you are able.
*No meeting on October 28th.

This workshop incorporates mindfulness practices in working with aspects of recovery & addiction that encourages participants to practice their recovery with greater mindfulness.

Each week there will be a meditation, a speaker sharing their experience, strength and hope, and a time for group sharing. Each speaker will discuss the gifts of sobriety for them, sometimes called "The Promises".

You do not need to have a meditation background to participate in this workshop. Beginners and longterm practitioners are welcome.

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Please keep perfumes, oils and scents to a minimum. We have people who are sensitive to chemicals and odors attending our classes. We appreciate your cooperation.