"A Mindful-Somatic approach towards releasing unresolved stress and traumatic anxieties."

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Each week we will be working with a "Theme" from the "Seven Aspects Of Human Experience" in helping us to unwind habituated unwanted patterns of uneasiness.

This 6-Week Program and one daylong offers a unique approach to trauma resolution and release around the loss of self and our sense of boundaries. Participants will learn how to make the choice to be a reactive participant or creative partner in life.

Participants will learn different somatic techniques to discharge highly charged energies of feeling overwhelm that bring the nervous system back to homeostasis. This course will address unresolved anxieties, PTSD, our boundaries, attachment theory and help in creating more effective communication.

Mindfulness is the doorway to working with a body & mind that has feelings and sensations that we’ve often avoided and yet by avoiding oneself there is no way we can feel whole. We might often feel that we are living a distance away from ourselves. Compassion, acceptance and self-care are vital qualities we can learn to inhabit in our journey towards health and positive relationships.

Being mindfully aware of the present moment is one of the key first steps in beginning to resolve and unravel the emotional body of trauma.

Course includes:

  • Experiential exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Guided meditations

Deep wounding and it’s attached fears can effect our well-being in both our emotional and physical health. We may often not feel safe and/or have fears of being over attached or under attached to others and the subsequent belief systems that can arise when the nervous system and physiology of our body has been disrupted and dysregulated.

Our lives are a string of experiences that arise from “little incidents” to “large painful unresolved experiences” that often continue to produce stress responses that no longer serve us in our present day-to-day life.

Self awareness and compassion are key factors in enabling the mind in becoming present to the subtle energies of fear, sadness, frustration, and anger.

Mindful awareness combined with compassion for our past experiences develops the potential to stay present with the felt sense of highly charged energies. Being mindful of our experiential body is the first necessary step in beginning to resolve and unravel the emotional body of anxiousness and unwarranted stress patterns that have come out of dysfunctional dynamics and/or traumatic experiences.

We look to support participants in learning to identify and gain new tools, skills and insight in dissolving dysfunctional physical/emotional anxieties that often overtake our lives. When we create new skills that offer us new choices in how to respond to thoughts, emotions and others, we are bringing into our lives a deeper sense of self-compassion and kindness.

Materials include MCC Workbook and 2 recorded meditations.

I never thought I could treat and understand my depression without depending heavily on traditional therapy and drugs. However, I made the decision to leave those treatments and seek a more holistic understanding of my dis-ease with meditation, somatic experiencing and acupuncture, and in so doing, I believe I have reached a new phase of healing. Rik's "Meditation and Trauma" class was a key part of this change and I will be forever grateful. In the six months since taking the class and working with Rik, I have gone from seeing my depression as a life sentence, to seeing it now as a coping mechanism that I learned as a young child in difficult circumstances. I now bring compassion and kindness to my difficulty regulating my mood, and believe that if I was smart enough to learn to cope as a young child, I'm smart enough now as an adult to see whether or not those behaviors are continuing to serve my present life. I also see how my body desires to heal itself, if only I give it the time to speak and be heard rather than move to shut it down as soon as I feel difficult emotions. Thank you, Rik, for doing this work. I really cannot thank you enough for guiding me toward a deeper belief in love, and my place in the world.  ~Miriam



Upcoming Events


Mon, 6/17/19 7:00PM - 9:00PM
Mindfulness Grief & Loss Support Group


Thu, 9/07/19 10:00AM - 5:00PM
The Embodied Narrative Daylong Workshop


Thu, 9/14/19 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Somatic Embodiment & Spiritual Wholeness Daylong Workshopp


Wed, 9/18/19 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
MBSR/Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Orientation


Thu, 11/03/19 7:00 PM -9:30PM
DEER Program:Developing Emotional Embodied Resiliency

Please keep perfumes, oils and scents to a minimum. We have people who are sensitive to chemicals and odors attending our classes. We appreciate your cooperation.

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