Corporate Programming

Whether you run a small non-profit or a larger corporation, our corporate programming is designed to help you elevate the wellbeing and mindfulness of your team. How the individuals of a team manage their stress, communicate, and navigate challenges directly affects productivity, engagement, and creativity. Our offerings are based on mindfulness practices and are tailored to recalibrate emotional wellbeing, bring anxieties down, and facilitate resilience and focus.

Below is a sample of programs that we offer. Programs and workshops can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and team.


The 3 C’s for the C-Suite

As the key leaders and change agents, it can be overwhelming to continuously make thoughtful decisions that generate creative solutions and ideas and meet the needs of employees. When we build skills to calm the mind, we gain the capacity to see situations/interactions with more clarity. With more clarity, we have the ability to build connection and have more awareness around our attitudes, behavior patterns, and communication. Cultivating calm, clarity, and connection through mindful awareness and meditation can help you foster a greater sense of team engagement, collaboration, and cohesion. In this workshop, we will use mindful awareness practices to build the 3 C’s:

  • Calm: Integrate skills to bring greater peace in the mind
    • Reduces anxiety & promotes productivity
  • Clarity: Gain capacity to see patterns more clearly
    • Renews sense of purpose & direction
  • Connection: Create deeper and meaningful connection with colleagues
    • Fosters skillful collaboration & communication

Reducing Stress the Mindful Way: Building mindfulness techniques and meditation practices reduces stress in our daily life.

We recognize that the stress you experience doesn’t just affect your work: it affects your personal relationships, your health, and your ability to enjoy your life outside of work. Over time, the negative effects of stress take a toll on the body’s nervous system and can lead to dysregulation of the system. Learn how to utilize the tools of mindful awareness to: 

  • Better manage personal and professional challenges
  • Lead and manage teams more effectively 
  • Foster focus, resilience and creativity 

Mindful Communication: Gain new skills and tools to interact more effectively and compassionately with others

How do you respond to a conflict at work, a disagreement with a team member, or juggling multiple viewpoints? Relationships and communication are key to successfully generating creative solutions. We are wired for connection and relationships, yet ineffective communication can breed resentment, anger, and hostility. Through this workshop, we will learn and integrate mindfulness tools that build resiliency and cultivate skillful communication.


For more information or to design a unique program, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Advisory Committee

Rik Center is the Executive Director and Founding Member of the Mindfulness Care Center.  I am a Somatic Experiencing Stress and Trauma Counselor/Practitioner, Mindfulness Stress Reduction & Meditation Teacher, Buddhist/Interfaith Chaplain and member of the USABP/United States Association For Body Psychotherapy.  My private practice focuses on healing high levels of stress, unresolved traumatic anxiety and PTSD that allows for discharge and regulation of the autonomic nervous system along with offering grief and spiritual counseling sessions.  I’m a past Resident Graduate of the California Pacific Medical Center CPE/Clinical Pastoral Education Program and Integrative Health & Healing Program. I’ve also trained in various physical and emotional bodywork methods and am a former Director of a Holistic Healing Arts School.  I have an extensive business background along with being a practitioner of the Japanese Martial Art “Kyudo” The Way Of Bow since 1991.

Over the past ten years I’ve been a community volunteer spending time at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, teaching Mindfulness at the Mary Elizabeth Inn, the only full time resident home in San Francisco for women who have experienced difficulties in life as well as emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse.  I’ve supported various Somatic Experiencing trainings and traveled to the New Orleans/Baton Rogue area in support of people who were reeling from the effects of Hurricane Katrina and Rita.  For the last few years I’ve been volunteering at San Francisco General as a Hospital Chaplain through Sojourn in various units while concentrating in the ICU. I teach a mindfulness movement class in the hospital psych ward and lead a weekly meditation in the hospital chapel.

My spiritual practice is supported and sustained through a two-year Dedicated Practitioner’s Program offered through Spirit Rock Meditation Center, long-term personal retreats, plus dharma studies at Abhayagiri a Buddhist Monastery above Ukiah and classes at IMC/Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City. Additionally I continue to attend advance trainings with Peter Levine the founder of Somatic Experiencing ®.


Lori Granger, LMFT, is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist and director of Mindful Marin which offers individual and group therapy and workshops integrating the principles and practices of Zen and Insight meditation. She specializes in helping clients and participants awaken their hearts to their innate goodness and wholeness. Lori sits on the MCC Advisory Committee, teaches various mindfulness classes and the MCC. 


Mary Anne Cook trained in family therapy at NYU’s School of Social Work and in Spiritual Direction at the San Francisco Theological Seminary.  She has worked with hospice patients and their families for the past six years at Hospice by the Bay, has lead support groups for mothers and for seniors living in assisted living facilities, and has a private practice in Marin County working with clients experiencing a wide variety of life transitions. In addition, Mary Anne has worked in several non-profits in arts administration and has also served on boards in various roles including board president.  She lives in Marin County where she has raised her family for the past eighteen years.


Perry Lisker, JD, MSW and LCSW/Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  For the last ten years, Perry has been affiliated with California Pacific Medical Center, at both the St. Luke’s and California campuses, where he provides crisis intervention, anticipatory grief work and supporting counseling as well as appropriate implementation and coordination of discharge plans for new mothers, emergency room and skilled nursing facility patients and their families.  Perry performs psycho-social assessments to determine patients’ prior levels of functioning, expectations and concerns which affect adjustment to illness or disability and after care transitions and functions as liaison between patients, caregivers and community agencies.  Perry has also been primarily responsible for palliative care patients transitioning to home with hospice or to a hospice facility.  He initiated behavioral rounds with a multidisciplinary medical and therapy team to focus on patients identified as experiencing psychological and emotional challenges, and to assist nursing staff in determining intervention options.  Perry also provides on-call social service for three campuses within hospital system and responds to cases involving child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, fetal demise, substance abuse, domestic violence and other urgent psychosocial issues.  Prior to joining the staff at CMPC, Perry worked with Cedar Sinai Medical Center, Salick Health Care, City of Hope and other organizations in Los Angeles, California as an oncological social worker as well as providing in-home psycho-social support and resources to persons triply diagnosed with HIV/AIDs, chronic mental illness and drug and/or alcohol abuse.

In addition to his clinical social work experience, Perry has served as a business management consultant for profit and non-profit organizations, providing analysis, recommendations and implementation of financial management, operational structures, marketing strategies and program development.  Prior to his career in social work, Perry had successful careers as a real estate mortgage broker and surety specialist.  He received his Masters in Social Work from California State University, Long Beach, a law degree from San Fernando Valley College of Law, and a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, from California State University, Los Angeles.


Pam Peirce, LCSW, is a social worker specializing in end of life and elder care. She has been working with terminally-ill clients and their loved ones since 1995, an interest that grew out of living through the onset of the AIDS epidemic, and currently works with Hospice By the Bay. Her experience with end of life work includes volunteering at Laguna Honda through the Zen Hospice Project. She has a meditation practice based in the Theravada tradition as taught at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and has participated in retreats with Thich Nhat Han and Pema Chodron. She is currently enrolled in the Mindfulness and Compassion in Psychotherapy Program at California Institute for Integral Studies. She lives in San Francisco with her partner and is committed to the inclusion of the LGBT community in her work and practice.


Yvonne Gingsberg began practicing Vipassana meditation in 1970 with V. R. Dhiravamsa. Yvonne organized the Vipassana Fellowship East in 1972 and has taught many weekend and three-month retreats. She has taught undergraduate psychology at Yale University and has worked as a therapist for 35 years in the San Francisco/Marin County area. She has lead the Mission Dharma sitting group on many occasions over the last eleven years and co-taught Search Inside Yourself, seven week courses at Google for six years. . Yvonne is also the producer/director of a documentary distributed by PBS entitled, "Landmines of the Heart" which is a meditation on reconciliation through the story of Cambodia and Maha Ghosanand         


Kayleigh Martin, is a certified embodied wellness coach and 500-Hour registered yoga teacher. She received her graduate degree in Integrative Health Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is currently training to become a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Kayleigh's private coaching practice focuses on creating sustainable lifestyle changes and practices through connecting with intuition and various somatic practices including guided imagery. Kayleigh continues to facilitate mindful yoga workshops, the Mindfulness of Self-Care program, and contributes to the development of programming at the MCC.  


 Carole Priven is a long time meditation practitioner and an active participant in 12 Step Recovery. She has a Master's Degree in Gerontology from San Francisco State, and a law degree from Brooklyn Law School. Carole has worked with seniors in various settings, and she volunteered with hospice in the NODA program at Laguna Honda Hospital. She knows how to sit still.  



In Loving Memory Of Our Cofounder Muriel Wanderer: She has a background in business administration and bookkeeping.  I studied health at the Center for Self Healing and researched various alternative methods of healing for many years while being the primary caregiver for my late husband.  Personally, I explored a variety of therapeutic methods before coming upon the approach of Somatic Experiencing.  Combining this with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes a huge shift in my outlook of life took on a more positive perspective.  In addition I began a Vipassana meditation practice where a fuller shift in my emotional health is now more integrated with a spiritual holistic approach to wholeness.  From my own deep healing I was moved to join Rik Center in forming the “Mindfulness Care Center” so more people will have the opportunity to explore a fuller brain/body approach to healing and living a richer, fuller life.

To read more about her life and legacy, please visit here


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Tuesday Evening Meditation: Location: 2041 Larkin St., between Vallejo & Broadway: Inside The Church for the Fellowship Of All Peoples.

About Us


The Mindfulness Care Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to offering a unique approach in personal empowerment for individuals to begin feeling whole and safe through healing stressful anxieties that arise daily or from past and/or present day traumatic events. We are developing a community outreach care center that teaches the skills of brain/body reflective awareness in-order to regulate impulsive negative thoughts and discharge neuromuscular energies of fight, flight and freeze syndromes. Our approach is based on combining a variety of accepted modes and new models of healing stress, anxiety and PTSD within the medical, therapeutic and spiritual community.


To establish and continually develop ongoing workshops, programs and counseling that reweave the mind/body connection towards health and emotional stability. This will be accomplished by way of reflective teachings, various types of mindfulness stress reduction workshops, weekly meditation classes, individual Somatic Experiencing ® therapeutic counseling sessions, spiritual direction and grief workshops along with charitable outreach and scholarship opportunities. Our Advisory Committee will look to support and help serve the expansion of our community service programs.

The inner spirit is calling and asking us to return home and look inward not from fear...though with the fortitude of compassionate awareness, wisdom, kindness and forgiveness.


"I will never forget the first day I came to a Tuesday evening meditation class. I recall listening to Rik give his dharma talk while tears literally poured down my face. I cried throughout the entire talk. I recollect how Rik was struck by my tears and stopped in the middle of his talk to ask if I was o.k. or if I needed anything. I can’t recall what the teaching was about that evening but instead I vividly remember the compassion that I received from Rik and the Mindfulness Care Center community. No one in that room knew first hand what I was experiencing but they knew that I was suffering. I suppose you could say that my suffering is what has bonded me to the Mindfulness Care Center and I know today that I am not the only one. I have watched people from so many walks of life come to the Center with similar stories, feeling lost and alone in their suffering. I have also seen and experienced first hand the gentleness in which people are received. I know that the person I thought to be me completely fell apart and that had it not been for Rik’s compassion and the Center’s open doors that I might still be feeling hopeless and distraught. I am eternally grateful to Rik and to the Mindfulness Care Center community for holding me during my most difficult moments and for gently guiding me towards the light of liberation." —A.C. San Francisco, CA

"The MCC is just the right place at just the right time in my life: meditation instruction, an open door for spiritual exploration and development, and the persistent “showing up” of Rik and the rest of the community who supports me in my practice, my understanding of the teachings, and on my journey inward. Big thanks and appreciation!" —MS


What We Do

Somatic Experiencing
Vipassana Meditation: Brain-Body Integrative Wholeness
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction


The Mindfulness Care Center programs, classes and workshops are based on brain/body integrative models. We saw the need for healing unresolved wounding and grief that is based on models of awareness that offer neurological release and discharge of long held highly activated energies and regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Combined with mindful-insight that integrates the thinking mind with the physiological felt sense body, we can begin observing and learning that we have choices and options around our perceptions of the world and ourselves. We do not need to be stuck in repetitive obsolete actions of uncomfortable and suffering behavior patterns.

Our approach is a modern and ageless approach that goes back over 2500 years to the inception of mindful-insight meditation techniques. Adding in present day mind/body classes, reflective workshops and educational components of science; we are learning that neuroscientists are now observing changing patterns of the brain and its plasticity through the use of MRI brain scans.

We have and continue to develop mindfulness stress reduction programs, offering weekly meditation classes, individual Somatic Experiencing ® therapeutic counseling sessions, along with spiritual & grief workshops.

We see this work as a deeper integration towards health and healing of the whole person; versus the trying to fix emotional/psychological sufferings through analytical repetitive talking and numbing. We believe that undue emotionally embodied anxieties can be changed utilizing a brain/body interactive approach that allows the mind and body continuum to become whole, not separate entities of the self.

Please read and follow the links below to learn more about the various avenues of our work.


Upcoming Events


Mon, 6/17/19 7:00PM - 9:00PM
Mindfulness Grief & Loss Support Group


Thu, 9/07/19 10:00AM - 5:00PM
The Embodied Narrative Daylong Workshop


Thu, 9/14/19 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Somatic Embodiment & Spiritual Wholeness Daylong Workshopp


Wed, 9/18/19 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
MBSR/Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Orientation


Thu, 11/03/19 7:00 PM -9:30PM
DEER Program:Developing Emotional Embodied Resiliency

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