Opening Day

Rik on his quest and journey to find the right home for the Mindfulness Care Center.

On Sunday July 17th 2011 the Mindfulness Care Center celebrated our “Opening & Blessing Day.”  Our new home space with new possibilities.  It was a beautiful day well attended by the community.  Approximately 80-100 people passed through the doors to celebrate and view our new location.

The morning began with Ajahn Pasanno the head Abbot of Abhayagiri Monastery in Redwood Valley accompanied by Pamutto Bhikkhu and Samaner Khemeko along with sisters Ajahn Anandabodhi and Anagarika Maria from Aloka Vihara here in San Francisco.  Ajahn Pasanno led us in meditation that was accompanied by a beautiful talk on how to use our breath wisely when sitting in mindfulness. Plus a dharma talk was offered on mudita “empathetic joy” for others that offers joy to ourselves. You are welcome to listen to these morning talks.

The morning ended with meal offerings to the monastics along with a shared potluck. Lots of yummy food!

The afternoon began with a beautiful ceremonial Kyudo “Makiwara Sharei” performed by Yoshiko Buchanan. Kyudo is a Japanese Martial Art “The Way Of The Bow.” Afterwards Rik introduced the Mindfulness Care Center Advisory Committee, and expressed in more detail upcoming programs and plans for the MCC with a power point presentation.

The day ended with the monastics sharing wonderful chants and blessing for our new home.